Android application forgets server address


Hello, thank you for this great application. We installed rocket chat on our own server and use android application from play market. We faced with problem in the android application. The application forget the server address after being closed or after the phone reboot and we should write this address manually every time when we want to launch the application.


@kele6ra Thanks for the feedback! What’s the version of the app that you’re running? Thank you!


Moving this thread to Community Support.


version 3.1.1 from the play market. Build 2050


Thank you, we’ll be investigating this issue. :+1:



experiance similar problems on android app Version 3.3.2.
The name of the server is occasionally lost, but not the Username & Password, so I do only have to input the servername and erverything is working again.
Odd thing: I do get push notifications, but when I click on them I am asked to give the servername (no User/Passwd)…

I had this on different Android devices, with different Android-Versions. Allways with the Stock-Rocketchatclient…

thanks for your support