About the Season of Docs 2019 category

Season of Docs is Google’s annual program that fosters collaboration between open source projects and technical writers. It’s happening for the first time in 2019!

Season of Docs is a unique program that pairs technical writers with open source mentors to introduce the technical writer to an open source community and provide guidance while the writer works on a real world open source project. The technical writer in turn provides documentation expertise to the open source organization.

Projects can cover a wide range of fields including Cloud computing, operating systems, graphics, medicine, programming languages, robotics, science, security and many more. Season of Docs is not a recruiting program or an internship but it does provide an invaluable experience and looks great on a resume!

Application for technical writers opens May 29, 2019 . See Google Season of Docs 2019 timeline for more details.

Start planning your proposal now! Check out our list of ideas for some inspiration.

The primary channel of communications with our mentors is on our 24 x 7 community server:


You can find the mentors and fellow writers for GSoD 2019 in the channel for project discussions or some real-time help on next steps.

You can also start a topic in this forum if you wish.