About the Feature Requests category


This section is for requesting new features. Here you can post a detailed request for the feature you wish to be implemented. You can vote on the feature request you want to see, as well as discuss and help refine the request. More info is available here.

The Rocket.Chat team will then use this as our source for Feature Requests. A committee of team leads will meet to evaluate feature requests. If the committee decides a feature will be added to our roadmap, they will take and create an issue on our GitHub.

This change will make GitHub our source for planned features as well as real bugs.

The criteria the committee will use will be as follows:

  • Does this feature belong in core code base?
    • Can it be a Rocket.Chat App instead? (more information about “Rocket.Chat App” is coming soon)
    • If so, we will move it to here.
  • Is this aligned with the product vision and values?
  • Is this creating a vendor-specific integration that locks that feature to that vendor?
  • Will negatively effect performance?
  • Is it dependent on the cloud?

What to do with feature requests?