Feature Requests

Default Accepted Media Types (3)
Message Buttons should have callback option (1)
Get notified with new user registration (2)
Supporting rich chatbot messages/menus ( 2 ) (35)
Can mobile version show all channels? (2)
Please use .com domains for your cloud product for improved reliability (1)
Enable updating of attachments (1)
Web Component UI (3)
Improved rocketchat screen reader support (1)
Single Click Invite from Contacts list (2)
Disable Integration History (1)
Encryption Button (1)
Push-to-talk voice chat (4)
Force OTR for self hosted server? (5)
Categorize feature requests (1)
Android: default activation of "Analytics tracking" not questionable under data protection law (1)
Gitlab webhooks to notify users in Rocketchat (3)
Support Tickets (4)
Always show Member List on the right (6)
End-to-End Encryption (2)
E2E: warning message before uploading a file because it is not encrypted (2)
Reply to notification emails can result in privacy leak (1)
Send Invitations Via SMS (1)
Monitoring administration of rocket chat (2)
Ctrl + F shortcut for Search on chat (1)
LiveChat for registered users (1)
iOS app: Support for webm video playback in conversations, like desktop app (1)
iOS app: Allow "Insecure resource" media (1)
WeChat integration (14)
LDAP populating private groups (1)