Feature Requests

Support SASL for IRC (1)
Allow selecting which channels should be synced-in in SlackBridge (Issue #6878) (1)
The ability to configure what User Preferences options are visible to users (6)
Channel Category (1)
Birthday icon next to user avatar (2)
Add setting to disable CAS sign up (1)
Resize sidebar (web app) (1)
Remove people from channels chat rooms at once (1)
Avatars for group chats (5)
Zoom integration (2)
User Status Messages (2)
All users connect to open.rocket.chat by default ( 2 ) (23)
[Android] Preload chats and show them instantly (1)
[Mobile] Add swipe from right (edge) to left to open room member list (1)
[Mobile] Add swipe to left on a message to quickly reply, as used by Telegram (3)
Reopen closed room (1)
[Mobile] Add swipe from left (edge) to right to open room list (1)
API To Retrieve Unread Count For More Then One Room At A Time (6)
Gamify rocket.chat participation (3)
Contacts Sync Feature (2)
Readable display of the full names of rooms (channels) (1)
Implement password's validity period (1)
Project Management Integration? (1)
Livechat with facebook chat - Upload files (1)
Room notification settings - automatically set as read (1)
Login to server with different accounts (1)
Use Client Certificate in Android/iOS Client (2)
MacOS: Menu bar icon (2)
API user.info - unread messages and count of (8)
Enable auto-translate by default (1)